What Is An LMS Platform And What’s It For?

The development of technology has facilitated access to several new tools in several fields, including education. From this attitude , and seeking to enhance the training experience of many people within the world, the well-known LMS ( Learning Management System) platforms were created , which also are known in Spanish as Learning Management Systems. But what are they really and what’s their function? Here we are getting to explain it to you. Keep reading!

What Is An LMS Platform?

An LMS or e-Learning platform may be a distance learning tool that permits you to make a virtual classroom to show using the web . That is, it’s a program or software that teachers and students can access from anywhere within the world to satisfy their teaching and learning objectives.

But not only that. Learning Management Systems are concerned with providing an adequate training environment and reworking this process into something dynamic and accessible. Therefore, they need to meet certain characteristics. Here are the most ones:

Flexibility : LMS platforms are customizable and versatile to different study plans. this enables content to be added consistent with the requirements of teachers and students.
Interactivity : allows users to possess different content with which they will interact to raised understand the topics taught.

Usability : refers to the convenience with which users manage to use the platform so as to realize a goal. That is, there should be no confusion about its use.

Multiple functionalities : LMS platforms attempt to replicate the physical environment of the school rooms during a virtual environment. For this reason, they provide different tools like video classes, chats and discussion forums.

Accessibility : users can access the complete content anytime, anywhere. this is often possible from any sort of screen (mobiles, tablets and computers), which offers enormous possibilities.
In addition to the characteristics already described, e-Learning platforms have many advantages to bring back different schools and institutions, which is why in recent years they need become so recognized.

These are a superb channel between the community, additionally to a number of them allowing access to student performance reports, which shows their learning curves and allows decisions to be made in favor of their improvement.

We are getting to see a number of its most vital general benefits.

Benefits of LMS platforms

1. They simplify the training processes:

These platforms use intuitive systems and content with a logical structure that are very easy to use for anyone, including children. additionally , the likelihood of getting virtual classes expands the choices for collaborative and social learning.

2. They permit access to multimedia content:

Learning through LMS platforms is more fun because they not only include written content like in traditional classrooms, but also allow the scholars to follow the method through images, videos, infographics, podcasts and more.

3. They’re easily manageable:

Being digital, content are often updated in real time and instantly. additionally , it’s very easy to manage the roles of users, like students, teachers, tutors, supervisors et al.

What Is An LMS Platform And What's It For?

4. Training costs decrease:

Compared to face-to-face training courses, LMS platforms are less expensive , considering that it doesn’t require the utilization of a physical space or the movement of scholars and teachers to the classroom, additionally to the elimination of printed materials.

5. they’re available 24/7

Thanks to LMS platforms, geographical and temporal distances are eliminated, since students can access it from anywhere and at any time of the day. Without a doubt, LMS platforms are a strong 360º tool that each one schools should consider for his or her training and academic activities.

As each of them is different, your selection will depend only on the objectives and wishes you’ve got . for instance , through Pearson Digital Hub , you’ll offer mixed classes (face-to-face and virtual) and acquire performance reports that show the training of every student. Learn about all its benefits today and implement a replacement learning strategy in your institution. Please note that Pearson Digital Hub only applies to products aimed toward teaching English language .

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